Online education providers

Benefits of Being an ICOES Accredited Provider

  • You show a commitment to quality that gives you status and credibility and gives consumers confidence in your courses.
  • You’ll gain self-confidence to enhance your educational standards, develop and improve your internal and administrative processes and in developing a more efficient and comprehensive service.
  • You’re one of a team that, together, builds the reputation of online teaching and strengthens your industry.
  • You can access expertise and support and have a collective, influential voice at government level.
  • ICOES accreditation assures all potential students of the quality and high standards of your courses.
  • You can confidently promote your institution, knowing your commitment to excellence in education and professionalism is affirmed.
  • Your organisation enjoys guaranteed status and added exposure to your target audience by being listed on the ICOES website.
  • Support and guidance from ICOES helps you strengthen and grow your institution.
  • Being part of a unified body includes you in planning the future direction and growth of your industry.
  • ICOES members have the opportunity to network with and learn from other members with similar objectives.
  • Coming together with industry colleagues gives you a strong presence and voice nationally and credibility in negotiation on policy etc.
  • ICOES can support and guide you in resolving disputes.
  • Your sector thrives, your organisation flourishes.

Getting Accredited

  • The decision to apply for accreditation by ICOES is a progressive and positive one for your organisation. We’ll work collaboratively with you to help you achieve this status.
  • On application, you’re given a set of guidelines for an objective self evaluation. Our assessment examines all areas of your service, from student enrolment to completion of courses. We include academic quality, evaluation of students experience of your course(s) and the totality of your service.
  • Your self evaluation is measured against ICOES standards.
  • All aspects that may affect your user are addressed, such as enrolment, support, quality of course content, learning experience etc.
  • We evaluate your self-assessment of your internal and administrative procedures.
  • We highlight any areas that need change or improvement in order to comply with requirements for accreditation by ICOES.
  • ICOES requirements are reasonable and achievable for any well run, ethical organisation.
  • The accreditation process usually takes one to three months.
  • If, at the time of evaluation, your organisation doesn’t meet the required standards, your application may remain open to allow you to implement improvements and changes needed in order to reach accreditation.
  • Showing a commitment to reaching the required standards and a compatibility with accreditation means your goal is within reach.
  • Once you’re accredited, you can show the ICOES logo on your website and take full advantage of all the benefits it brings.