Kampuchea Action to Promote Education (KAPE)

Founded in 1999, Kampuchea Action to Promote Education (KAPE) is Cambodia’s premier nonprofit organization solely committed to education. Guided by a vision for informed life choices through quality education, KAPE collaborates with government, communities, and stakeholders, driven by core values like Empowerment, Solidarity, Compassion, and Innovation.

Leading impactful projects across primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, KAPE directly benefits over 71,000 children in 165 schools across 13 provinces. KAPE excels in diverse education initiatives, including early-grade reading, charter school development, inclusive education, and information technology for improved learning outcomes. Recognized for its collaborative approach, innovation, and commitment to education policy reform, KAPE is a leader in research, policy development, and vocational scholarships.

With a sense of pride in its significant contribution to shaping education policy reform, KAPE recognizes the effective collaboration of its dedicated leadership and staff with diverse stakeholders to achieve transformative impact. ICOES plays a role by providing access to training for KAPE staff and selected individuals, fostering personal and professional growth. This initiative seamlessly aligns with ICOES’ core mission of making education accessible to as many people as possible.