Trendimi Limited offers a suite of online courses designed for those with an interest in the fashion and styling industries. Trendimi courses are suitable for both beginners and professionals looking to improve their knowledge in the particular fields on offer

Students receive access to the Trendimi Virtual Campus and can access course material 24/7 within the course validity period. The course provides online tests at the end of each module. These tests are used to fully assess and measure the students understanding of the information. On the successful completion of each course student receives certificate which can be used as a proof of study for employment purposes.

The company continually updates their courses to include the most up-to-date trends and know-how. Each course includes a theory section and with a wide range of practical examples. The courses also come with several video tutorials.

The key goal of Trendimi is to offer modern and enjoyable courses which are focused on the practical aspects of each field and to give students further confidence and knowledge to build towards their chosen carreer.

ICOES Accredited courses include: