Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation: Empowering Vulnerable Youths Against Human Trafficking
ICOES proudly supports Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, an organization dedicated to combating human trafficking in Vietnam and positively impacting the lives of over 20,000 vulnerable youths. Since 2003, they’ve been a driving force for change, providing round-the-clock care and support through a team of over 90 Vietnamese professionals.

Central to their mission is rescuing individuals from crisis situations like slavery, homelessness, and extreme poverty, offering comprehensive long-term support for healing and empowerment. A key part of this is providing tailored educational opportunities, including school enrollment and vocational training, to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation tirelessly works to ensure every child has access to education, addressing barriers such as extreme poverty and neglect. They prioritize respect, empowerment, and collaboration in their approach, offering holistic development opportunities and persisting until lasting change is achieved.

In line with our mission of making education accessible to all and fostering personal and professional development, ICOES supports Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation’s mission by providing training courses to employees, volunteers, and eligible participants.

For further insight into Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation, please visit their website through this link