Africa Matters Initiative
At ICOES, we proudly support the Africa Matters Initiative (AMI), a nonprofit dedicated to empowering young African leaders. Founded in 2015 by Farai Mubaiwa and Reanne Olivier, AMI focuses on leadership, social entrepreneurship, and advocacy to transform the African narrative.

AMI’s mission is to upskill Africa’s youth, enabling them to shape their futures and communities. Their signature programs include:

These initiatives have impacted over 27,000 African youth and members of the diaspora.

Collaborating with local and global partners, AMI develops bespoke programs tailored to the needs of the communities they serve, maximizing their impact.

At ICOES, we share AMI’s commitment to fostering personal and professional growth through inclusive, high-quality education. By supporting AMI, we aim to contribute to equipping young African leaders with the tools they need to create lasting, positive change.