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When a Provider applies for Accreditation and has paid the accreditation fee, this fee is non-refundable if the provider decides not to proceed with accreditation at a later stage.


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Underpin your credibility among your target profile with ICOES accreditation. Our experienced, professional advisors will review and examine your portfolio of training courses and point out how you can reach the academic standards needed to gain certification.

All your courses after passing ICOES assessment process will be given endorsement as trustworthy and valuable products, and your organisation has the reassuring ICOES seal of approval.

ICOES accreditation can also add the benefit of endorsement of your institution or company. Becoming an ICOES accredited Centre guarantees that you uphold the highest standards in the academic, administrative, operational and ethical areas of your organisation.

On evaluation of a sample of your portfolio and assessment of all areas of the running of your organisation, this service enables you to gain accreditation for all your regulated courses and external quality assurance of your company or institution via a quick and efficient process, minimising your time and costs.

Above our prices for accreditation per course reviewed and if you would like to know how you can become an ICOES accredited Centre contact us directly.


Over the past 5 to 10 years, education has entered a revolution. More and more busy people are turning to the digital world as a flexible and convenient way to study. The ability to add skills and qualifications without the commitment to full time learning is a new paradigm in self-improvement. Be the preferred provider in your sector that answers all the needs and expectations of hundreds of thousands of hungry students by providing an outstanding educational experience.

ICOES accreditation gives you external recognition from an independent body which confirms that your institution has complied with the required high standards. Your students and their future employers can have confidence in the quality of education facilitated by you.

ICOES supports you every step of the way to meet the needs, requirements and expectations of your body of learners and attract many new users. We help you tailor your services to better satisfy consumer demand and as a result, grow your user base.