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Developing and improving online education, together
Assuring programme quality
Enhancing excellence and professionalism in virtual learning

The growth in the online education sector is increasing rapidly every year. The need to establish and uphold high standards to protect both consumers and providers gave birth to ICOES, International Council for Online Educational Standards. It creates a platform for institutions and companies anywhere in the world to come together and ensure the health, strength and future success of this new market.
We continually strive for the highest ideals in every area of online education. This serves all stakeholders, students and potential consumers to gain the very best from the eLearning experience.

ICOES is the accrediting body that establishes, monitors and continually develops the educational standards of online teaching institutions.
ICOES reassures users and gives credibility to providers by developing policies which set consistently high standards.
Our inclusive approach strengthens the online education industry and elevates overall quality.
We work collaboratively with teaching organisations to help them reach our requirements and standards.
We support learners by providing information and resources to help them make choices that can assist in reaching their goals and ideals.

ICOES is a not for profit organisation which operates for the good of education in general by enhancing the quality of online training for the benefit of all students.


Our Mission
  • To increase the credibility and trustworthiness of online education providers by granting accreditation based on accurate and peer respected supervision and compliance.
  • To evaluate, review and provide consistent feedback to help providers to develop their online training courses and services to meet the criteria of ICOES accreditation.
  • To help learners to meet personal goals by providing informed guidance on the education providers that best answer their needs. To actively pursue and promote continued improvement in online education.
Our Vision

Our vision is to create a level of quality and care in the worldwide online education industry that builds absolute trust among learners in the standards of each ICOES accredited body.

We will do this through collaborative, supportive, respectful and ethical engagement with providers, learners and stakeholders.

Our Values

Openness and transparency
Support and innovation
Respect and dignity
Ethics and reliability
Professionalism and responsibility


ICOES is registered as a Dutch foundation at the Chamber of Commerce, Amsterdam. The foundation is a not-for-profit-organisation.
Our purpose is to continually improve and maintain quality assurance in online education and its products.
We do this by establishing, monitoring and developing objective and verifiable standards which online courses and providers must meet in order to qualify as a quality education provider.
Our Advisory Board defines the standards that are set in order for providers to reach accreditation.
Online educational providers that meet these standards are granted ICOES accreditation.


ICOES establishes the academic, ethical, institutional, operational and business standards which need to be met so that an institution is eligible to gain accreditation.
We objectively assess online courses and the institutions that provide them to ensure they meet the educational standards required for ICOES accreditation.

Our policy experts work with teaching institutions to prepare strategies and policies that form a framework for the teaching standards of ICOES.
We outline the changes that need to be put in place for institutions that wish to achieve accreditation standards.
The self-assessment oriented by ICOES will provide the institutions with the confidence to enhance their educational standards, improve their internal and administrative processes and in how to get a more efficient comprehensive outcome.

We streamline and simplify the elements to teaching objectives so students can easily assess course and institution quality.
The work of ICOES increases the profile and trustworthiness of online educators and maintains a high academic standard.